PHP VS Node.js

In this era of technology and sheer brilliance, new technologies evolve every day and competing with each other. In the field of the web landscape, when the much young Node.js started giving a fierce competition to PHP, which is much stable in this field since 1994, it became a topic of debate that what scripting language for web development is to be used. PHP is a server-side scripting, command line scripting language developed by Rasmussen in the year 1994 only for back end web development and for writing desktop applications. This can be one of the important PHP interview questions. Initially, PHP stood for Personal Home Page, but now it is a recursive acronym of Hypertext Processor.

PHP is a widely used, open source, a general-purpose language which can be embedded into HTML. Node.js is also a server side, open source, cross-platform JavaScript run time environment used for back end development which can be written in C, C++ or and executes JavaScript code outside of a browser. It was developed by Ryan Dahl in the year 2009,and its stable version was released on June 4, 2019. It is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, the same engine on which Google Chrome runs. If you are going to face any Node.js interview questions, then keep following this article.


EASE OF CONFIGURATION:PHP is more comfortable as it is easier to configure the development environment for PHPNode.js requires more code and to code in Node.js; one should have a grip over callback functions and block.
SUPPORT OF INTERNET HOSTING SERVICES:All Internet hosting services support PHPOnly services like Microsoft Azure, RedHatOpenShift, Modulus, Amazon Web Services, node.js.
SERVER SUPPORTPHP gives the option of choosing any of the web servers. Only PHP 5.4.0 has built-in server support called ‘CLI SAPI’.


Node.js has built-in server support
USE OF SYNTAX IN CLIENT AND SERVER SIDEPHP has different syntax for the client side and server sideNode.js has a single syntax for client and server side
LANGUAGEPHP is itself a language which one needs to learn before web developmentwhile node.js is merely a run time environment where code can be written in any programming language,i.e., whatever the user is comfortable with
SPEEDQuiet slower. Well, you should know about this to clear any PHP interview questions.Node.js is faster than PHP and can build more scalable applications.


OS SUPPORTPHP can be used in all the major operating systems including Linux, Unix, macOS and much moreNode.js is supported by only limited operating systems

Note: These are the questions which can be asked in any Node.js interview questions. This blog can help you to clear those interviews.

Some more points to consider


Node.js is powered by Chrome’s V8 engine, which comes with its own extra functionalities and benefits.


Node.js has a stream module which makes it easier to work with large files thus incredibly useful in office work.


PHP supports more framework and CMS (Content Management System)


A more diverse range of database management systems including MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, and numerous others are supported by PHP when it comes to comparing it with Node.js.

  • SYNTAX :

Node.js has almost identical syntax to JavaScript, so it is easy for the programmer to pick up and work on it. To work with PHP, more knowledge of systems and languages are required.

In terms of usage, if one wants to do a project that includes WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. they must go with PHP,and if they want stream data transfer or work with software packages such as MEAN, they must go with Node.js.

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